The group of companies "Avtotekhnika" Nizhny Novgorod is an association of manufacturing and marine companies specializing in the development, production and supply of technological materials. Our products are noise isolation, vibration isolation, cushioning, thermal insulation and decorative and finishing self-adhesive materials, needle-punched non-woven fabric.

Our products are used in automotive, agricultural, forestry and earthmoving equipment, building elements and other facilities where requirements for effective noise and vibration reduction are imposed.

The future of the modern company seems to us nothing less than a revolutionary breakthrough in technological developments and dynamic changes in the manufacturing sector. Modernization of production and innovative improvement of the manufactured product is the key to the company's indisputable advantage over competitors.

In a continuous pursuit to achieve high quality and meet the requirements for manufactured products, the "Avtotekhnika" group of companies is constantly expanding the range of noise, heat and vibration insulating materials, molded parts, trying to meet the highest demands of the automotive industry. Throughout the 10-year existence of the "Avtotekhnika" group of companies, the main principles for building long-term relationships with customers have always been: honesty, integrity and professionalism, and the fundamental aspect underlying the interaction is an individual approach to each client. Collaborating with the leading enterprises of the automotive and bus industry, the "Avtotekhnika" group of companies is constantly expanding the range of products manufactured on the basis of engineering developments of its own research base.


The research base of the "Avtotekhnika" group of companies is equipped with modern equipment that allows a wide range of work to be carried out. Every day, a team of highly qualified specialists carries out complex work on the development, implementation and maintenance of projects.

The "Avtotekhnika" group of companies is a well-oiled mechanism consisting of several enterprises, where the best result is achieved due to the coordinated and efficient operation of each gear - each enterprise. At the moment, the "Avtotekhnika" group of companies includes:

"Avtotekhnika" LLC heads the "Avtotekhnika" group of companies and is the parent company of the structure. It plays the role of headquarters, where the most important decisions regarding strategic development, and sometimes operational management, are made. "Avtotekhnika" LLC controls the activities of enterprises that are part of the "Avtotekhnika" group of companies) and optimizes the process of their interaction with each other "Avtotekhnika" LLC has a staff of highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience in resolving various issues related to the management and operation of the group companies.

"Avtotekhnika" Acoustic Materials Plant LLC is a manufacturing enterprise that develops and manufactures non-woven needle-punched fabric, thermally bonded fabric, molded and decorative parts, noise-insulating, heat-insulating, vibration-insulating materials, sealing parts for the automotive industry, and also provides cutting services of any complexity and applying an adhesive layer to the client's material. All the functionality of the production site is confirmed by the international certificate of conformity IATF 16949:2016.

TechnoTeks LLC is a manufacturing company specializing in the development and production of floor coverings. The coatings are produced using modern technologies on high-tech equipment and meet all the requirements for wear resistance and appearance for use in modern vehicles, as well as public buildings.

TransAvto LLC is a transport and logistics company providing services to the "Avtotekhnika" LLC group of companies. The total area of the territory of Trans-Avto LLC is 17000 square meters, of which 4000 square meters are warehouses.

"Avtotekhnika"-NN LLC is a trading house, a commercial enterprise. In addition to local sales, it is engaged in the export of products manufactured at the "Avtotekhnika" acoustic materials plant, as well as at the production site of the Technoteks company. Provides high-quality uninterrupted work with partners from neighboring countries.

"Avtotekhnika", a specialized enterprise for the production of noise-insulating elements and non-woven needle-punched fabric for automotive industry enterprises, was founded in Nizhny Novgorod, the capital of the Volga region, in 1999.

"Avtotekhnika" Limited Liability Company is located on the territory of about 30 thousand sq.m.; the area of ​​industrial premises is about 6 thousand sq.m.

Thanks to close cooperation with leading Russian enterprises in the automotive and bus construction industries, the range of products is constantly expanding.

Having started its activity in the market of automotive components in 2000 with the production of noise-insulating elements of a car, "Avtotekhnika" LLC in 2002 mastered the production of non-woven needle-punched pile forming fabric, and at the end of 2003 - the production of products from polyurethane foam.

"Avtotekhnika" LLC receives raw materials for the main production from China, the Czech Republic, Korea, Slovenia, Belarus (chemical fiber), Belgium (latex), and also intensively cooperates with large companies located on the territory of the Russian Federation, such as Dow Izolan LLC, group of companies “Vostokhimvolokno”, OJSC “Iskozh”, JSC “Komitex” and others.

The main customers of "Avtotekhnika" LLC products are enterprises belonging to "RusPromAvto" (JSC GAZ) and "RusAvtobusProm" (JSC Pavlovsky Bus), as well as OJSC "AvtoVAZ" (Tolyatti), RUE MAZ (Moscow). Minsk, Belarus), JSC "UAZ" (Ulyanovsk), "PKhR" (village Vintai, Samara region) and others.

The leaders of "Avtotekhnika" LLC are interested in expanding the circle of their permanent partners. Currently, components are being supplied to enterprises with foreign capital that have entered the Russian car market, such as Sollers-Naberezhnye Chelny OJSC, ZAZ CJSC (Zaporozhye, Ukraine), and issues are being worked out on attracting other enterprises to cooperation.

Since the beginning of 2005, a contract has been concluded with CJSC GM-AvtoVAZ (Tolyatti) for the supply of soundproofing elements of the car. About 100 employees are employed in the production of "Avtotekhnika" LLC, whose activities are organized with the main goal - to meet the requirements of consumers. The company pays great attention to staff development and training.

"Avtotekhnika" LLC is constantly working to improve the quality of its products and improve the quality management system (QMS) of the enterprise, setting itself the task of recertifying the QMS for compliance with the requirements of the international standard IATF 16949:2016.

The quality management system of "Avtotekhnika" LLC has been introduced and has been operating since 2005. QMS compliance with the requirements of automotive industry standards is confirmed by recognized certification bodies of foreign affiliates, such as TUV, BV Certification.

In 2018, "Avtotekhnika" LLC successfully passed the recertification for compliance with the requirements of the international standard IATF 16949-2016 by the certification body Bureau Veritas (Czech Republic), which once again confirms the high quality of our products.

Quality, reliability, high performance characteristics of products, timely deliveries, clear planning of all processes of the product life cycle and continuous improvement of the quality management system, increasing its effectiveness and efficiency are the main principles of the dynamically developing structure of "Avtotekhnika" LLC.

Certificate IATF 16949Quality policyCertificate TP TCCertificate GM QSB 2017

"Avtotekhnika" group of companies is sincerely interested in long-term mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation with each client. The "Avtotekhnika" group of companies expresses its gratitude to its regular partners TZK GAZ, OJSC MAZ, PAZ, ZAZ, CJSC Ford Motors, NVH RUS for many years of trust and assistance in achieving leadership in the market of noise, heat and vibration insulation materials and molded parts.

Cooperation with leading companies in the automotive and bus industry allows us to constantly improve production processes, as well as continuously expand the range of opportunities for our customers.


Documents for suppliers

  1. Supply Quality Guidelines for Suppliers "Avtotekhnika" LLC
  2. Agreement for TD (if the supplier is a trading house)
  3. Contract for the RFP (if the supplier is a manufacturer)


We are looking for suppliers of the following raw materials:

  1. Polyester fibers with the possibility of dyeing in color according to the sample.
  2. Fiberboard TSN 40 3.2 mm thick with warehouses in Nizhny Novgorod.
  3. Thermal insulation foil materials capable of withstanding temperatures over 300°C and humidity over 100%.



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