One of the main elements of protection of the building structure from the effects of adverse environmental factors is its thermal insulation.
Avtotekhnika produces polyester fiber insulation Formoteks, which is created using the technology of thermo-bonding of polyester threads, without adding any other substances, including adhesives.

Insulation is made in the form of plates 1200 x 600 mm in size, 50 and 100 mm thick, with a density of 25 kg/m3 to 140 kg/m3.
The structure of the fiber laying allows the material to work like a spring. Taking into account the ease of laying and arranging light slabs, it is possible to join and mount insulation both outside and inside, along roofs and facades, inside attics, along curved surfaces and in corners.

Composition: 15% bicomponent, 85% polyester fibre.
Used in suburban low-rise housing construction, apartments, industrial buildings: pitched roofs; attic floors; walls; interfloor ceilings; ventilated facades; floors along the lags; interior partitions; wide span structures.

Formotex has unique properties:

  • - good thermal insulation properties with a thickness of 50 mm - guarantees excellent protection against cold and freezing. At the same time, walls can be insulated both from the outside and from the inside - spaces - this material practically does not “eat up”
  • - protects the walls from getting wet - does not absorb moisture and quickly releases its excess to the outside, the walls do not get wet and do not deteriorate under the influence of water
  • - convenient for transportation - prolonged compression does not violate the geometry of the insulation, it quickly returns to its original shape
  • - ease of installation - this does not require special skills or tools, does not emit dust, its fibers are not brittle and absolutely safe even when in contact with unprotected skin
  • - high environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity - the material does not contain harmful chemicals and phenols that can cause allergies or adversely affect health.

Advantages of Formotex insulation:

  • - absolute safety for human health
  • - no emission of harmful substances, no phenolic resins
  • - odorless and does not absorb foreign substances
  • - easy installation, high elasticity
  • - does not contain fiberglass, does not prick hands and does not irritate the respiratory system
  • - does not crumble, does not emit dust
  • - long service life without loss of its properties - more than 50 years
  • - does not rot and does not settle
  • - does not support combustion
  • - resistant to the formation of fungal and mold raids
  • - no water absorption, high vapor permeability
  • - high weather resistance
  • - reusability

Technical characteristics of Formotex

Name Density Canvas size, mm Number of sheets per pack, pcs
g/m2 kg/m3
Formotex 500 500 25 1200 x 600 x 50 8
Formotex 600 600 30
Formotex 800 800 40
Formotex 1000 1000 50
Formotex 1300 1300 65
Formotex 1400 1400 140 1200 х 600 х 100 4


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